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How to update Microsoft XML Core Services?

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I ran a scan via Secunia PSI three days ago and it said that my Microsoft XML Core services is currently out of date. I tried checking windows update, three days after, but so far it has not been available for update. I'm a bit worried cause according to Secunia, this is currently being exploited by hackers.

I was wondering where and how can I update it? Also, I searched it online but I got confused because there's a bunch of different versions and I wasn't sure which one I needed.

My configuration's are:

(1) Windows 7, Home Premium

(2) 64 bit

(3) Current program version for Microsoft XML Core services: 4.30.2100.0


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Microsoft XML Core Services is unnecessary as a standalone installation on Windows 7, various components of what used to be distributed solely as MSXML are now included in .NET Framework, Internet Explorer and Windows itself amongst other products should be able to uninstall it just fine - if there's an obscure program installed which doesn't correctly interface with your system's inbuilt XML parser (occasionally a 'repair' from the programs applet is needed) here are the last released standalone runtimes (each will require several rounds of windows updates) -and-

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