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Logon Problems


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More often than not, I cannot get logged on. Simply returns me to the same screen, that I left, to logon. Yesterday, logon accepted 1st time. Today, had to try logon several times, unsuccessfully. Then, scrolled down to this forum, and logon accepted. This has been happening for over a month now. Using XP/SP3, Firefox

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Hi, ksiemb:

Your problem is with logging IN to this forum, right?

(From the topic title and the fact that you posted in PC Help, it seemed at first that your issue was with Windows logon.) :)

To help the MBAM staffers to troubleshoot, it might help to know:

  • What version of Firefox?
  • Have you changed anything about your browser settings (such as cookies or other privacy settings)?
  • Are you using any script-blocking or other privacy extensions in Firefox, such as NoScript? (Perhaps provide a list of your extensions)
  • Did you try to clear your browser cache, history and cookies, then close Firefox and then try again in a new session?
  • Have you tried Mozilla Safe Mode (extensions disabled & NOT the same thing as Windows Safe Mode): http://kb.mozillazine.org/Safe_mode or other standard diagnostics: http://kb.mozillazin...c_%28Firefox%29
  • Are all your extensions and browser plug-ins (Flash Player, Java) up to date?
  • What happens when you try a different browser (IE, Chrome)?
  • Do you have the same problem at other websites/fora?

Just a thought....


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