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I was today on malwaredomainlist,and i was download one new sample of Zeus trojan.Frpm this DANGEROUS page--> creativeimpressionsart.com/updateflashplayer.exe and MBAM detect it as Trojan.Now after new database update it not detect it...Why? Its a malware 100 percent,name is updateflashplayer.exe not legit Adobe,suspicious icon,no digital signature.I am not sure but i think they renamed a file name inside,maybe that can decieve MBAM?

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Hi, Stalker90:

This isn't the best sub- forum for this topic.

The MBAM engineers will also likely need a bit more information (including the file itself) in order to answer your question definitively.

If you would like to submit a sample for the MBAM engineers to evaluate, please follow the instructions >>HERE<< and then submit the file >>HERE<<.



PS If you could be a bit more descriptive in the subject line of your topics, that would probably help folks a bit, as well. :)

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