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Malwarebytes will not install (fix)

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The topic of Malawarebytes not able to install has caught my attention.

I receive many infected machines and found that lately, however, these infections are acutely challenging. For instance, the notion that Malwarebytes can fall victim to the ultimate no-installation detailed in this report was too tantalizing to resist. I solved it in this fashion.

Okay, since I write reports, mine, this posting will take that shape just in the case someone wishes to further this investigation.

When I write of Avira, I write of this exact product:

Get started by the disabling of the following:

1. Error reporting services,

2. Automatic Updates, and

3. The Event Log; and,

4. Dump the idiotic restore function.

5. Lastly, remove the Remote Assistance as it tries to start later on when we gain territory on the intrusion (in most cases). We are ready to begin.

Use another machine and download two important and indispensable tools noted by our functional and noteworthy administrators in this forum and one that I add that enables you to remove bogus registry entries using the Expert Zone of RegVac. Thus, download gmer, RegVac, and Avira Anti-virus.

1. Burn Avira as noted in many areas of this forum onto a CD and run it on the next boot, but only after you create a new user named something as cleaver as that of

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