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Looks like SASPro/Free got a wonky update - false positives all over


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Cross-posted from http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=114909&view=getnewpost in Security Alerts

Looks like SASPro got a wonked update last time. It's declaring all kinds of files as BAD.. I'd wait until next update before any actions as these appear to be False Positives.


Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kryptik is the false positive - both name and forum image are hot-linked to take you to that thread on the SAS forum.

SCANS with MBAMPro/Free show NO such infection..

SASPro Database Version


Trace 6938


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I "only" had 18 FPs on a routine manual scan on my laptop - after having run routine scans with both MBAM and KIS that had been perfectly clean.

Fortunately, I suspected a problem and saw the mayhem at their user forum before I allowed it to Quarantine anything.

A follow-up scan with the corrected definitions was clean.

(Some folks had literally hundreds of FPs and folks running it in real-time experienced total meltdowns!)

(Didn't get a chance to experiment with my desktop until after they had corrected the definitions.)

At least they fixed the problem quickly this time - update again and re-scan and you should be fine.


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