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Windows 7 Homegroup problem

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Hello everyone. I'll try to make this as short and detailed as possible. Up until yesterday, I was able to access files on a desktop PC from my laptop via a Homegroup I had created. Everything was fine until Windows prompted me to input a network security password to access files. This never occurred before as I could just click on the Homegroup icon and easily browse the desktop files. Now, I'm getting prompted for a pass each and every time. I have tried numerous methods to find a solution to my problem, but all of them have failed. I just can't seem to figure how to stop getting prompted for this password. In another twist, I had some of my friends bring over their laptops to see if they could access my desktop files. I had them join the homegroup and within seconds, they could browse the files while mine couldn't.

As mentioned earlier, I tried many different methods to remedy my situation. I've created an entirely new Homegroup, disconnected both computers from the internet then reconnected them, changed the name of the desktop computer by one letter then changed it back, system restore on both computers, and I even called my ISP to refresh my network. None these worked. I'm still being prompted by a password from the desktop computer to access its files. I really am at a lost here. I'm hoping that someone here can give some pointers or advice. My next move was to start the homegroup from my laptop and have the desktop join it instead of the other way around. Both the desktop and laptop are running Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks to anyone who can help figure this out.

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Hi, LiquidGroove: :)

I don't know the first thing about networking (I run two Win7 rigs & a wireless router, but the computers are not networked). :(

Some of our forum members & experts are REALLY knowledgeable in this area --- hopefully one of them will spot this topic soon.

In the interim, perhaps you might find some helpful information here: http://www.sevenforu...etwork-sharing/ or here: http://www.bleepingc...ms/forum21.html



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Liquid Groove can you be more specific as to how you configured your HomeGroup, what sort of prompt exactly is coming up and what actions cause it..? ...are both of these systems running SP1? ...are there any identically-named non-default user accounts on both machines..? is there a firewall other than windows' inbuilt firewall installed on the problemic laptop..? ...how are they networked together..?

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