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Microsoft reveals new logo after 25 years..


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Microsoft reveals new logo after 25 years, proves that it's (still) okay to be square

By Darren Murph writer_rss.gif posted Aug 23rd 2012 9:49AM


Remember that time Microsoft teased what most sane humans thought were new logos? That was right around two years ago, but the branding you see above is no mistake -- that's the new Microsoft logo, landing just months after Windows 8's new flag and merely weeks before the aforesaid operating system takes the planet by storm. Astoundingly, it has been a full quarter-century since Microsoft gave itself a new logo, and while we're sure pundits will jump all over it just because "dealing with change is hard," there's no doubt that the outfit's new face is bold in its simplicity. Care to learn more? There's a happy-go-lucky video waiting just after the break.

post_label_VIA.gifThe Verge



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Guest Seagull

Looks cool to me.

AVG's logo isn't even a square..

"it almost looks like AVG's logo"

I never said it was, let me repeat it again for you. "With it being a square now (Meaning Windows Logo) it almost looks like AVG's logo", I am well aware AVG's logo is colored hands holding on to one another, but go look at there logo, it (once again) "Almost" looks like the new Windows logo, same colors just about, almost the same shape except for the hand looking parts and no spaces between colors.

Either way, the new Windows logo is to bland, I prefer previous Windows Logos, even XP had some flare to its logo. That's just my 2 cents.

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No one tiles an outhouse... at least we didn't tile Wayne's or mine.. Cedar wood shavings.. warm and comfortable. Even in the winter..

It's like GOOGLE... nice and simple.. I like it. Then again, I've always been nice and simple as well. :P


Momma always said, "Windows was like a box of chocolates. You never know what color or shape you're gonna get."


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