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Free version vs. the Pro Version...a few questions....

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I just purchased a new laptop yesterday, and I have a few questions..

1)----What is the difference between the free version of MBAM and the paid version, Malwarebytes Pro?

2)----Can either version be used by itself without any of the competing products available in the marketplace as either a backup or an extra layer of protection?

3)----My new laptop has Norton Anti-Virus preinstalled, one of the many chunks of 'crapware' I have to remove. If I do remove Norton, won't that enable my new laptop to become infected until I can install either version of MBAM (based on the replies to question #1) as well as any supplemental products (based on the replies to question #2)?

4)----What is the procedure for purchasing the 'Pro' version without a major credit card? Is the option of either mailing a check or having the cost directly withdrawn from my checking account an option?

5)---Finally, what is the cost to renew the Pro version every year, or is that even necessary?


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If I may add a follow up question:


2. No. Malwarebytes' is not a replacement for an antivirus.


Am I misunderstanding here? I have MalwarePro, and I thought it DID act as a replacement for an antivirus?

Doesn't it provide real-time protection?

Or have I got that wrong?

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Hi, moobile: :)

EDITED for clarity: No, MBAM is absolutely not a replacement for an anti-virus.

Please refer to this KB topic for a bit more information: Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?

Additional info is available in these posts by one of our forum experts:



Your first line of computer defense (aside from safe computing practices and keeping your OS, browsers and programs fully patched) should be a robust, up-to-date, properly-configured anti-virus (AV) running in real-time.

There are many options, both free and paid.

MBAM PRO is a specialized anti-MALWARE program designed to run ALONGSIDE your AV to provide complementary, layered protection.

The PRO version does provide real-time protection, but against different threats and in a different way from one's AV: http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free/



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You are most welcome. :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

FWIW, the consumer license for MBAM PRO is "lifetime", so it is a VERY excellent value, given the outstanding protection it provides.

And, there is a discount if one purchases more than 1 license at a time (each license can only be used on 1 computer).

(Spoken as just another home user with no financial interest in the product).

Best regards,


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