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Any harm also running an anti-keylogger from another vendor?

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Howdy all!

I'm using Malwarebytes Pro on Windows 7. I trust the protection it provides, but I'm interested in other's thoughts about running an additional anti-malware tool. I don't have time to look at the forum rules right now so I won't mention the name or vendor unless asked. Obviously Malwarebytes detects and stops threats but is it overkill to run two consumer products that have a great deal of overlap? I prefer anti-virus programs to have multiple engines so it seems appropriate to have multiple anti-malware packages. This other program is compatible with Malwarebytes but I'm not able to find and mentions of this other product on Malwarebytes site or forums. As long as they don't step on each other I assume the worst case is latency introduced by additional activity. Thanks for any comments and advice.

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  • Root Admin

Generally speaking probably not but since you've not said which product and also said you had not found the program mentioned on our site then likely it's either not been tested or no issue found for someone to post about.

Give it a try and if you do find and issue try setting up exclusions in our program and their program. If you're mainly using it as a keylogger check then using it as an on-demand scanner which has an even less chance of conflict should be okay.

If you do have an issue and you're unable to correct it please let us know and we'll see if we can assist you or not.


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