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Malwarebytes Future?

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Hello malwarebytes community so I have been wondering if GUI is going to ever change? I am sure it will be much more better and it could attract much more customers. It will also fit with the protection module. :D

# Try add "compress" detection, for example when a virus is compressed with an exe compressor the virus gets undetected, I remember compressing darkcomet and it was undetected. I will soon post some proof.

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Compressed and email scanning come up sometimes but they are not high priorities as they do not really add any more protection. If malware as an attachment or inside an archive is detected then it will be detected if you attempt to execute it, scanning for them ahead of time would only let you know a little earlier but in either case you would still be protected.

We may eventually add these features but on tap first are powerful new technologies that will directly improve protection.

The GUI is staying the same for now for much the same reason. Making it pretty wont protect the user any better so we will modify it once we have some more critical projects completed.

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I don't think the GUI would attract more customers. The GUI is for useability. The cake is more important than the icing one puts on it. The icing enhances the cake but is not the core of the product.

The efficacy will attract more customers when it does what it purports to do.

However the ability to unarchive files using various compression algorithms would definitely help in its efficacy.

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