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Scanning quandry

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User was set to Power user status.

User reported - "Laptop scanned/cleaned for viruses 2/2/09. It is still acting funny. Everytime when first log on screen shows 3 RUNDDLL error loading & laptop is shutting itself down occassionally"

In looking at the error messages user was having, 3 dlls trying to execute on logon, I went to the registry and found such in the Run portion under Windows for current user.

Since user was a power user, I logged on with an account that had administrator privileges on the machine. I installed Malwarebytes and ran it with nothing found, removed Malwarebytes.

Made user an administrator, logged on as user, installed Malwarebytes again and found 7errors - 2 trojans - MSServer and MS Juan - Trojan.Agent and Trojan.Vundo."

The question then is, why did not Malwarebytes find these when logged on as adminstrator? Is there a way to see the whole registry in godmode so that one can see all users "current user" registry settings or that Malwarebytes can?

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Unfortunately Malwarebytes' requires full admin privelages and can only load the registry hive for the currently logged on user. There are plenty of tools that do allow loading of other user's registry hives like Sysinternals Autoruns, but it's better that you made the user admin and scanned with MBAM anyway as it found other threats besides those dormant run entries.

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