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Strange Issue with Google

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This morning after starting up my laptop (Windows 7-64 bit, Avira AntiVir, Malwarebytes, Windows Firewall), the chevrons that normally show to the right of search results on Google have vanished. I use Firefox (14.1) normally, but the issue replicates with IE9.

I posted over on the forum for malware help, but I don't think this is a malware issue.

The only changes I have made to my computer recently were:

Obtained newest version of Flash issued a couple of days ago.

Ran the Microsoft Fixit to disable sidebar/gadgets

Installed July's Microsoft updates

All other browser plugins I use (Java and Shockwave) are up to date.

I noticed that Fanboy's filter list for AdBlock plus had updated yesterday, so I disabled the add on, emptied the browser cache and rebooted, no success.

Next step was to remove my HOSTS file. When accessing, I noticed it said it had been modified on August 13th. I had not accessed it, but again, I did install a batch of Windows updates at that time (missed July updates). Even so, nothing looked funny when viewing it with notepad, but again, I deleted it, ran TFC, rebooted, checked Google chevrons. I have subsequently reinstalled the HOSTS file.

Does anyone have any ideas why this feature suddenly isn't working for me anymore? I have made no changes to Firefox's settings.


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Thanks, but I avoid toolbars like the plague.

I eventually resolved it via trial and error, or hope I have resolved it anyway. I toggled Google's instant Results feature on and off, rebooting after each reset and the last time it was enabled, it "took". The chevrons are back.

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Sorry...the issue was resolved by toggling Google's instant result search features off, clearing cache, rebooting, then toggling it back on. It was originally on, so I have no idea what corrupted it, if anything, but it was definitely a Google feature that was causing the issue. Fixed now, thanks.

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