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Windows 8 Support

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So I attempted to do a search on this subject, I had no luck, and it does not appear to have been formally announced.

Windows 8 went RTM a few weeks ago, today this same version was made public to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, my question is the following.

Does "Malwarebytes support Windows 8?"

All the threads on the subject seem to be by normal users, and they were not even informed users, because at least one user didn't even know existing software would work. Of course Malwarebytes is not your typical software, I want to be sure before I attempt to upgrade my Windows 7 installation, everything will work like it should.

Would it be better if I waited until the GA date in Oct?

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I have windows 8 running on a workstation here at work, and I have Malwarebytes running on it together with the new Windows Defender that comes with Windows 8 and have no issues whatsoever....

I just wanted a confirmation. If there was a problem I would have waited, that is how much I love Malwarebytes, I have been able to fixed two computers ( family, personal trainer ), I could not live without my full copy of Malwarebytes.

I just know for example ESET Smart Security required you to uninstall it before you moved from Windows Vista and Windows 7. I am going to live with ESET for the time being, their release schedule for their newest version, is always like 3 months after everyone else on the market.

I appreciate the response :-)

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