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False Positive for Somoto


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I have a client that alerted me to False Positives that they've seen from your software. The file is:


These downloads are marked as Malware SItes - This is a false report on these sites and downloads. The files are clean, there is no malware included in these downloads.

BetterInstaller is the server used in a cloud based enterprise level installation platform that enables over 200 software developers to efficiently serve software products during the installation process.

The technology is offered by Somoto Ltd and the software is signed by Somoto Ltd.

BetterInstaller is already certified by VeriSign!

BetterInstaller site and contact form is available anytime at http://www.betterinstaller.com/contact/

Please remove this detection asap and update your database as it is causing damage to our brand and business.

Thank you, Shauli

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  • Staff

This will be fixed in the next update.

Just so you know we had this labeled as PUP which is potentially unwanted program.

We did analyze it. Is there a reason your installer if you uncheck the adware bundled with it, that it pops a windows asking to install anyway and you have to hit cancel to have it not install? Seems a little tricky for the average user. Most users would hit ok being its a green button. This may be the reason you got labeled this in the first place. Think some other vendors have the same opinion as below.


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