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Slow browsing and suspicions of remaining malware after dealing with File Recovery rogue program

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I encountered the File Recovery program on my computer less than a week ago, which I seemingly managed to delete from my computer, but after this, I've noticed that both my Internet browsers (Firefox & Opera) are running really slow (especially Opera, but Firefox is my primary one). I posted my predicament in the Firefox support forum, and the first reply I got directed me to seek help from a forum specifically built around malware removal. I will now walk you through the File Recovery removal process, as I probably executed one or two too many cleaning programs.

First off, I ran Malwarebytes' MBAM, which did seem to do the trick and remove the rogue program. However, the guide I was following said that I should run TDSSkiller as well, so I tried that. The program wouldn't execute, not with or without renaming it. Then the guide suggested that I should disable my antivirus programs and run ComboFix. I did this, but later on I encountered numerous posts in various forums that one should not run ComboFix if they are not really sure about what they are doing. I was under the impression that no harm could be done, but I really have no clue what this program might have done to my computer. However, satisfied enough that ComboFix did some good, I was ready to continue life as usual. Then I noticed the sluggishness of the browsers and couldn't deal with it. I first thought it was a problem relating to my internet connection, but after running speedtest.net and experimenting with other programs using my internet connection, I came to the conclusion that my connection is working just fine. Then I ran Ccleaner and got rid of all cache, cookies, internet history and what have you. Later on I tried re-installing both Firefox and Opera, only retaining my personal preferences in the progress. Then I reset Firefox to its default settings, but the problem persists. Then I tried running Superantispyware, which quarantined 19 tracking cookies, but the problem wouldn't go away. I just now tried running the registry optimization program NTREGOPT, but I can't really tell if it's done any good so far.

As I said before, I tried posting my problem in the Firefox forums, where the first reply said I should seek help from malware specialists. My main hope is that the replies I get here won't direct me back to the browser support as I am totally clueless as to where problem really lies. :) Appreciate you taking time to read through my ventures, hopefully you can find some sort of sense in what is going on! Thank you already in advance!


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