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Reformat hard drive

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The malwarebytes folks have successfully got my computer up and running again as described here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11203


However, my concern is that there still might be something getting missed that would compromise my security. I have someone who has helped me before tell me to just forget about anti-virus and malware programs to fix problems after they have happened because they will never clean out everything. He is recommending a hard drive reformat. I'd rather avoid that if possible. I use my computer for bill paying so I'm concerned about his opinion. Can anyone comment about the security of my computer after using malwarebytes and the other programs that have been recommended here? I'd like to think that your expertise is great, I mean you got me back up and running successfully, but I do have concerns. I do keep a back up of my photos and iTunes on a Maxtor storage drive and that was scanned with malwarebytes. There probably isn't anything else on my computer that I would dearly miss, and I can always reload my music from my iPod. I just can't get all of my photos back if the external drive is not clean. Thanks.

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Photos, music and certain other files types are almost never compromised by malware/spyware/etc. With that in mind, you want to run Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D and your anti-virus package on ALL of your drives. Prefer to do this in SAFE mode, btw.

I for one have seen rogues return and strongly suggest that you clean your primary drive as noted above and then do a real Format followed by a clean install of XP and your programs. The alternative is to buy a new HDD and load Windows, etc on it and begin anew that way. The latter will assure you that there are no nasties lurking anywhere.

Just my experience

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