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"Red Icon Demo with #2 imposed over it

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While downloading JPEGS from Web at times, I find in folder instead of JPEG a "Red Icon Demo with JPEG label, with a #2 imposed over it, this happens using latest Firefox Browser at random, from different sites, while at same site some of the downloaded Jpegs are good. Scan while file is being downloaded shows nothing,nor is anything noted, and find the Icons when I open folder downloaded to. I am using the Pro version of Malwarebytes for Real Time protection, along with Avast "Free version Anti-Virus". File shows in propertries as a (.) File, and is a Launcher Application. When I try and either delete or shred it to remove, the Icon remains and further action just advises that the Icon can no longer be found at it's pathway, but Red Icon still remains in folder, have tried removal in Safe Mode as well with same results, and my folders are filling up with these Icons. Running Windows Prof. 64-bit, and using Firefox as main browser. Indivdual scan of Red Icon of course shows nothing, and doing both a Full Scan as well as Flash Scan with Malwarebytes on PC turns up nothing, same with full Avast scan and running Pup scan. I did attach only JPEG's of Icon / Properties, not actual files for safety reasons, question is am I infected with something, that causes this, or if Jpeg files at sites are infected, why doesn't Malwarebytes or Avast pick it up while downloading from web as Real-Time protection is in both programs. And no, I have not tried to open them up as the Launcher Application is almost the same as a exe. file





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