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Scheduler not working correctly in Pro

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I have the scheduler set up to run a Full scan once per week and a Quick Scan daily. Quick Scan is scheduled for 10:30pm and Full scan is for 12:01am Wed. The full scan does not run, or if it does, it does not create a log. I have checked Save log files regardless of user settings for both Quick and Full. I have a Quick scan log for every day, no problem. I followed these instructions to the letter:

http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=10138&st=0&p=450842entry450842. Please advise.

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Hello perz -

Could you please list the Antivirus program running on your, or your customers computer -

Thank You -

Please note that if it is for one of your customers computers, you can get help via the helpdesk -


You can submit a support ticket to Consumer or Corporate via the links below if you wish >>



Again - Thank You -

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Hi -

First - Can you disable your Comodo Internet Security Premium while you set your MBAM scanning features

Next - Can you make sure that any active scans being run by Comodo Internet Security do not conflict with your MBAM schedule

Your scans from both these programs need to be set at least 2 hours apart so there is no conflict with either of them

There was a problem with running both these 2 programs together, but I thought it was now fixed at both ends.

The Quick Scan from MBAM is the one that will remove all active infections while a Full scan is usually to clean left-overs

I would still advise you to submit a ticket to Consumer Support for any exact details that may still exist with Comodo v MBAM

This can be done with the Bottom link I have left above, and the developers will give you further support there -

Thank You -

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