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Malwarebytes Randomly Freezes PC

Guest MousePad

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Guest MousePad

Whenever I run a full scan and malwarebytes get's to one file that I tracked down, it just completely stops working, my PC freezes, everything just gets ruined. When I tried to open the genuine file ( it came with the computer ) and tried to move it to recycle bin, at half way, it froze the PC again, can somebody help me


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Hello and welcome, Mousepad: :)

Sorry you are having a problem with MBAM freezing during scans.

It may be a corrupt file or a bad sector on the disk, or another problem.

Until an MBAM staffer arrives, please take a look at this FAQ sticky topic: Malwarebytes Freezes or Crashes During Scans.

(Also, FWIW, routine full scans are not necessary. Quick scans are all that's needed, under routine conditions. This is explained in the KB here: What is the difference between the three scan types.)

Please let us know if the suggestions in that topic resolve your issue.



PS Please do not use such a large font -- the default forum font will be much easier for everyone to read. Thanks! :)

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Guest MousePad

Ok, sorry about the big font, just need to make it readable, oh and by the way.. I introduced my friend to malwarebytes and with about 3-4 quick scans he found more than 80+ malwares. He ran another quick scan and it found nothing, then he ran a full scan and found about 85+ with 2 full scans, because he found 2 more in the other.

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