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I had the free eScan Anti Virus Toolkit on my laptop for a while as a second opinion next to Malwarebytes AM and Avira Premium. It reported no malware on my machine, so I tried to dis-install it.

I don't know if this is "normal", but I couldn't remove it. I downloaded/installed the eScan Removal Tool, but it did not find the program. I had looked for it everywhere myself first, but the only sign that I had it was the icon on my tray bar.

So I emailed them and got a fairly quick reply, inviting me to a chat or Skype session and direct help on my laptop from a distance. I filled in their Skype address as given in the email and send them a Skype invitation. About a minute later a Skype popup said that they were on line , and a friendly man from India responded. He guided me to look in different places I didn't know, but still no trace of eScan anywhere but that icon which activated the program.

So he gave me a URL and right after connecting took over my laptop. I saw him use the command prompt typing in rows of data, and after some 10 minutes the icon disappeared, He then asked me to reboot, and I thanked him.

So their service is great! And maybe I made a mistake during install which hid the software -although I wouldn't know which mistake, and it seems unlikely- but just so that you think twice before installing it on you machine... I post this now.

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Come to think of it, the fact that the friendly man from India first guided me to look in different places proves that this "disappearance" of the software is not normal. I had read a rave review about eScan somewhere -and it might be an excellent AV- but care is called for when installing it. Otherwise you might need the help of a friendly man from India... :D.

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Yes, I overruled eScan's warning about there already being other an AV there, and to uninstall it fist.

In the mean time Avira told me that because of a recent Windows update on some systems 64 hidden files appeared...

I replied to eScan that the problem was solved from Inia by that friendly man.

I now know those files had nothing to do with eScan. Avira still reports them when I scan. But I'm not worried about them anymore. And the Rescue scan did find a virus. (Unless it was a fp, something I might never know.)

All's well that ends well. :)

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