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McAfee SiteAdvisor Blocks MBAM Forum


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Hello, I just noticed this issue today. Every time I click on a category of the MBAM forum(for example comments and suggestions) I get an alert(first attachment) and the Mcafee web reputation(2nd attachment) is giving a false positive. Even though it is not MBAMs fault, just wanted to let the community know this site is being flagged by Mcafee as malicious.

Thanks and have a good day



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Its a False Positive by McAfee

This information will be useful in reporting the false positive to McAfee

Site rating dispute submission

Submit your rating dispute via email at support@siteadvisor.com or online at http://www.siteadvis...erfeedback.html. During the evaluation of this dispute, McAfee communicates with site owners via email.

Or maybe bring it up in there forum


In the meen time you can safely add it to the ignore (Trusted Sites) list

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Thanks for the help. Not really accustomed to using McAfee software, but I do find their siteadvisor software to be pretty good. I've been on these forums for a while and I have never seen a pop-up like that until today. I am going to mention this to the Mcafee community and see if anything can be done. Thanks for your help in a temporary fix wildman424.

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