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MBAM annoying bugs; and the website blocker

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hi there,

The problem is that MBAM is blocking websites from utorrent.

Every time when i use utorrent a notification appears and tell me that some websites have benn blocked from the process: utorrent.exe.

The same problem if i install Kaspersky Internet Security or Pure 2.0, it blockes avp.exe.

I really don't understand why, because the utorrent folder, utorrent.exe, kaspersky folder and avp.exe are all to ignore list.

WHY??? is it blocking if i put them to the ignore list? In my opinion MBAM must let them alone even if it is the most malicous website or file.

Another thing is that when i right-click the MBAM icon in system tray and choose the options there, there is no action taken.

For example if i want to disable/enable the Website Blocker from the system tray, will be a waste of time because it will not work. If i select from the right-click menu to enable the website blocker, the feature will be checked (or will remain unchecked) in the right-click menu, but if i'll go in the big main window the respective feature will be unchecked =>(unmodified). Sometimes when i try to check in the right-click menu, the next time i open the right-click menu i'll discover that the feature will be checked or unchecked, and the respective feature will not be modified in the big main window.

And sometimes when i turn on my PC, an error occurs when the MBAM real-time protection tries to start.

Does anyone know what can be done to solve this bugs? or are normal?

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Hello and welcome to MBAM forum: :)

Forum Admin and MBAM staffer AdvancedSetup explained the delay in adding an IP to the ignore list in a recent post here:

It is optional. Right click on the task tray and uncheck Web blocking. Wait about 2 minutes on slower systems and the IP blocker will stop blocking.

Then go into the Protection tab and uncheck "Start malicious website blocking when protection module starts"

That will stop the IP blocking. However when you see the IP block (show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked) then you should be able to right click the tray icon and add it to the Ignore list. It takes about a minute or so though to take affect - it is not immediate so if you're patient it will work just fine. http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=580412

Also, there is much more detailed information about the IP blocking module in the FAQ - Section G (and in the Helpdesk-FAQ). It explains why it appears to be blocking Kaspersky, why it is blocking certain IPs, how to turn off the tooltip balloon when MBAM blocks an IP, etc.

Please be aware that MBAM is blocking the malicious IPs for a reason -- they contain malicious content. So, adding such IPs to the ignore list (especially for the use of torrents and other P2P programs) will increase the likelihood of your computer's becoming infected.

I hope this helps to explain things a bit.

As for the error you get about the MBAM protection module when booting your system, I presume the MBAM staff would need additional information (what is the error message, for example).


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Actually I DO use the full realtime protection of MBAM PRO, including the IP blocking, with ZERO issues.

There is an article in the Support FAQ Section that explains why it appears that MBAM PRO might be blocking your AV:

Why is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocking my antivirus?

The article explains it better than I can.

And this is from the FAQ - Section G:

  • Why is Malwarebytes' blocking my antivirus?
  • It isn't, but it may appear so because of the process name shown in the pop up which belongs to your antivirus. This can happen if you use an antivirus software that intercepts all incoming and outgoing internet traffic to look for infections which makes Windows think it is your antivirus initiating the connection and thus Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware thinks the same thing. In the below example you can see that the process name is avp.exe, which belongs to Kaspersky Anti-Virus even though this block was incurred by using Internet Explorer:

Hope this helps!


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I really don't understand why, because the utorrent folder, utorrent.exe, kaspersky folder and avp.exe are all to ignore list.

WHY??? is it blocking if i put them to the ignore list? In my opinion MBAM must let them alone even if it is the most malicous website or file.

Hello gabiibag,

Our malicious website blocking feature will block IP address' only. When you add folders/files to the ignore list Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will only ignore files executed within that folder, not IP address'

If you wish to ignore IP addresses from Utorrent (not recommended) from the FAQ here: http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=162100

  • How can I add an IP so it won't be detected and can access a site I need to?
  • Visit the site and incur an IP block. Then right-click on the Malwarebytes system-tray icon after the block notification appears, and choose Add to Ignore List.

When you get the IP block you can right-click on the system tray icon and add to ignore list. (again not recommended, IP addresses are added after confirmed malware hosting)

If you have any further questions/concerns please let me or another staffer know.

Thank you very much.

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