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malwarebytes froze now windows 7 stuck on black screen

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Dell Latitude Z laptop

Windows 7 enterprise 32 bit

Symantec 12.1.1 Antivirus

Original problem: Computer was having intermittent DNS issues interefering with internet access.

I installed and ran malwarebytes quickscan, it ran for a few minutes then froze, I waited for almost an hour but it didnt recover. I tried to ctrl+alt+del and kill mbam but no luck so I restarted windows into safe mode ran malwarebytes cleaner, reinstalled and ran a quick scan again. Same thing got a few minutes in and froze. ctrl+alt+del still didnt work so I restarted windows again.

New Problem: Now even when booting to safe mode it loads all the files then gets to a solid black screen with a solid white cursor. No other user input works, can't get windows to run using any of the options under F8.

Tried windows 7 disc, but can't re-install because it is an upgrade disc and it wants me to run it from inside windows. I used the command prompt to run a chkdsk and it came back clean, I used the "repair startup" utility and it came back clean.

My boot drive is mounted as D: for some reason, not sure, but I think it was C: prior to this problem... not sure if that could be the cause.

I have a malwarebytes pro license if it matters (the broken computer did not have pro on it, because it was a co-workers computer).

Thanks ahead of time.

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I have a malwarebytes pro license if it matters (the broken computer did not have pro on it, because it was a co-workers computer).

Hello and welcome to MBAM forum, TTUShad:

This sounds like a very serious infection. :(

We cannot work on malware-related issues in this particular sub-section.

Since this is a work computer (which normally requires corporate licensing), and since this is the home user forum, your best bet would proably be to contact corporate support.

You can contact corporate support directly HERE.

They can sort out any licensing issues and they can provide one-on-one help with the malware issues.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


PS Thank you for your purchase of an MBAM license. FWIW, home user licenses are only for home use on personally-owned computers (not work machines) and they are only valid for one computer per license (so your license would not apply to the infected machine about which you have posted :( ).

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Thanks for the response... didn't even think about it being a work computer, just got suckered into doing IT support for somebody, and was blindly going through the steps I do at home. I’ll make sure to pay more attention to licensing terms in the future.

Unfortunately buying software through the university is a bureaucratic nightmare. I'll try to submit a request to IT, maybe I’ll have a license by the time I get my phd. Format and reinstall is probably the shorter route to fixing this problem.

On a side note: I don't even have the pro license installed anywhere, I bought it for my mom’s computer out of appreciation for the number of problems it had fixed for me, but ended up just installing Ubuntu instead…

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Yes, sometimes wiping the drive and reinstalling Windows is the best option.

You might want to start a new post in the malware removal section, where one of the authorized helpers might be able to advise you as to whether that would be the best option.

Normally, we would ask that you follow the steps in the "I'm Infected" sticky topic first. However, given that the computer is not even bootable at this point, you'd probably need to skip most of the steps there.

Instead, just start a new topic (perhaps with a link back to this one), describing the issues.

Good luck!


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