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I am looking for a product related (similar to) Hitman Pro, but freeware. I have MBAM, and I am extremely grateful. I want to have an on demand scanner which has the high malware detection and removal capacity of HMP.

My OS: Dell Dimension 3000, running WinXP, Serv. Pk. 3 32 bits.

I am using Online Armor firewall, and MSSE for realtime antivirus. I already have a squared (now Emsisoft) antimalware as a on demand scanner. The latter already has some HMP scaning engines. I thought to add the other HMP scanning engines, or freeware HMP equivalents as on demand.

Suggests are very gratefully received. Thanks.

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Considering you've asked on our site you may find it opinionated but I don't think you're going to find a better freeware scanner than Malwarebytes.

Now that said let me also say that having on-demand (after the infection has hit) is not the way to go. There are infections out there that once they get on the system do enough damage that you cannot remove and easily cleanup the damage. There are also some that infect your data so that even if removed the data is damaged or gone or encrypted and no possibility of fixing it from any product.

So you may want to reconsider your stand of using on-demand and possibly think of adding Malwarebytes Pro to your Anti-Virus to help prevent the box from becoming infected in the first place. There is certainly no guarantee that any product or combination of products will keep you 100% safe at all times but by following safe computing practices and using a good Anti-Virus along with Malwarebytes you will certainly reduce your risk factor quite a bit in my opinion.


Consumer home use comes with a lifetime license, real time file monitoring and protection, IP Web blocker, automated updating, automated scanning - all for $24.95 isn't too bad a deal for many.


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You could always try David H. Lipman's Multi-AV Scanning Tool. He has permission from several AV vendors to bundle their command-line scanners into a single tool that automates the process of running the scans. I'm not sure if you will find it as functional as MBAM, however it will give you a few second opinions, and you can't argue with the price.

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