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which retail version to buy?

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I want to buy a retail version of Malwarebytes but have found different versions at different retailers:




And there appears to be OEM versions that come w/some hardware, etc.

What are the differences?

I do not see PRO on the NLE and LE boxes so I believe they are older cd versions of the software? I assume I would need to run an update if I install these cds; should I just download the latest version from the Malwarebytes website and avoid installing the cds? The big question is will the lifetime registration code that comes with these older boxes be valid and activate the current PRO version?

Any other retail-related info would be greatly appreciated like tips on what to avoid. Thnx.

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Hello and :welcome:

Thanks for considering Malwarebytes for your Anti-Malware needs.

If you want the PRO Retail Version, and you are OK with buying from NewEgg you can get the one => RIGHT HERE

The one at Walmart.com => RIGHT HERE is basically the same product and its cheaper at Walmart.

I believe they are all the same just different part numbers according to the site you go to.

I would go for the one at Walmart since its cheaper. Once you activate it, you will have the PRO version.

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Thanks for the info.

To clarify, as seen on these retailers pages, the boxes pictured do not have PRO on them as I have seen on other, newer boxes and of course the item #s are different. My assumption is that some retailers are selling older Malwarebytes versions from their inventories as MBAM is contantly being updated. So I believe I should buy the retail version, ignore the cd in the box, download the latest MBAM version from there website, and the registraion code that came with my box, no matter how old, will activate the current PRO version? And save the cd as somewhat of a backup, I'm really just buying the registration code w/the box. Hope this makes sense.

One other question, does the OEM version of this software (NewEgg link below) come with a lifetime PRO regsitration code of something different? This looks like a cd that often comes free with some hardware.


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I am not an employee or on the staff for Malwarebytes, that being said as far as I know, the boxed retail version is the PRO version. You are probably correct that the one in the box may be outdated. Once you get it you can just download the most current version from the site and enter the ID and Key that came with the boxed version and your set. If you install the one from the CD and its not current, once you install it and check for updates it will download the current version as well. By going to the website and getting the latest version first you save yourself some steps.

As for the OEM version I would assume its the PRO version as well, and I assume its sold to shops so that they can pre-install it on computers they sell.

Perhaps a Malwarebytes staffer can verify that information for you.

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  • Root Admin

Yes the one in the box is a Retail version and support is provided via the reseller normally. You can always come here for support if you like but the retail product has a site and phone number where you can call for help if needed. Remember not to lose the registration card though as no one but you will have a record of that.

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