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MBAM Pro and Windows Vista UAC

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Hi, Caxap:

If I understand your question correctly... :)

Are you trying to use the scheduler from a limited user account?

In order to use the Scheduler, I think you either need to be logged in from an Admin-level account or (in Vista or Win7) you need to right-click the MBAM desktop icon & select "Run As Administrator".



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Cant using Shedule Task - when task run - opend UAC permission Yes/No window :(

Can u fix it?

Windows Vista 32 Business

Actually I believe that you can use a command line script in conjunction with your scheduled task using the Run As parameter to run the program as another (administrative) user. Cheers!

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Olded version (1.4x or 1.5x - not remember my firs version) of MBAM Pro worked fine running from Windows Shedule task - not be needed uac permission

If auto-updates turning be on from MBAM-shedule task - opens little MBAM popup window - i not need it...

All i need - just update one time per day and then - flash scan,fix problems if have, and no popups and UAC yes-no windows

P.S. Windows account have admin privilegies.

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The program no longer supports automation like that. We provide a free use program and feel that we provide quite a bit of functionality already for not paying anything to use it.

Thank you

Does that include the PRO program?

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  • Root Admin

Not sure I fully understand your question. We don't allow the switches you used to be able to use in the free version any more. There were some users using a scheduled task to do updates which bypassed one of the reasons for purchasing the product. Thank you

If you have the paid Pro version then it will do updates even with no one logged onto the computer.

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