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Locked out of windows

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I'm using windows XP. I downloaded some malicious software that created an icon in the bottom right hand corner of the taskbar that said I had a virus and should download some product to take care of it. A pop-up came up and froze my computer, unable to alt-cntl-delete or close it. I realized immediately that this was a virus.

I shut the computer down and reloaded in safe mode. I ran my virus software. I had a few trojans and a couple other things I didn't get a good look at. I clicked to remove the bad files after the scan was complete using malware remover software. It said a few could not be removed and it said it would restart the computer and remove the remaining malware. the computer restarted and I failed to load it in safemode so it loaded normally. I tried to log in to windows, and it said applying settings, loading, saving settings, logging out. Restart again, this time in safe mode, and I still could not log in. Cannot log in to windows in anyway.

So, Im locked out of the computer. Pretty sure this is a software issue. The only thing I'm not sure about is in my settings in f10 says my primary IDE slave is not functioning or something along those lines.

If anybody knows anyway to get my other computer working, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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Hi and welcome to MBAM support forums,

It sounds like the AV software you used has probaly deleted a vital system operating file as part of its cleanup routine(quite possibly userinit.exe) which is currently being attacked by recent fake alert infections.

If you have the OS install disk to hand then a repair install of the operating system is the best way forward to restore OS operations.

If you get it sorted i would recommend you look at changing AV for one that dose'nt delete vital OS files if infected but disinfects/replaces them instead.

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