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what in the world is ielowutil.exe

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so i had turned skype on to login and i noticed that the process skypeupdater.exe or somethign was running but on top of that so was a process called ielowutil.exe

i cant reall yfind anything on google about it but what i did find says it has to do with internet explorer but i dont use IE nor was it even running so any help would be great

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Try this link:


(Also, even if one doesn't "use" IE as one's primary browser, it's still needed on Windows systems & it's important to keep it patched and up to date.)

I'm sure one of the more expert folks will have some additional insight.

In fact, it looks as if Firefox had some info in your recent, similar topic here: http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=550447



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thanks for the link dale but i still truthfully dont understand it think you could dumb it down for me because i still dont get why skype needs to run this at all. all i understand is the process is legitimate and is safe (which had me concerned when i first seen it since its odd ) but still confused thanks again though

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Hi, fivealive:

Gee, I really wouldn't be able to offer any more info than that which was contained in the links that Firefox and I had provided.

It's quite a bit above my pay grade, I'm afraid.

There are many, many processes contained within the Windows OS and its various, associated programs, such as IE.

I gave up a long time ago trying to intensively research every EXE and DLL file on my computers. :)

Google and -- for EXE files --


can be quite useful, though.

Until one of the real pros has a chance to weigh in, perhaps you might have better luck with this sort of detailed question at a MS forum?

Sorry I can't offer any more information,


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