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modem/router question

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so iv been trying to set up portforwarding for my xbox but well i nthe process of doing that i noticed a weird "issue" in the modem in the list it has for showing how many computers are connected. well im hoping someone can explain what the non-dhcp-ip means because their is only 3 computers connected but the modem shows 6,

of note thats really odd is when the isp logs into the modem they dont see what im seeing they only see 3 computers connected

heres the info i get :


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aah ok just out of curiosity how can you tell what the devices are?

and i have no clue what the intel device would actually be (the wireless is pretty secured only thing i could think of that would be intel would maybe be my wireless card in my laptop since i think it lets me rebroadcast the signal from my laptop)

i do have a blackberry phone i connect to the modem at times.

and thanks david

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Like a phone number has an area code and local exchange (ex; 212-555-XXXX) all MAC addresses have a manufacturer's address range in the first six hexadecimal digits.

40:6A:AB is assigned to Research In Motion (RIM).

Know the MAC address and you get a hint at the manufacturer. The RIM and Microsoft MAC addresses were easy. The first was assigned to RIM and thus must be a Blackberry. The second was assigned to Microsoft and you stated "...been trying to set up portforwarding for my xbox..." so I knew it was your XBox. Intel makes chip-sets and it could be Ethernet or WiFi for any device so that's a bit harder.

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aah alright sweet thank you i didnt know that i did look up mac address on wiki before posting here but it al lwent over my head and you also have a way of explaining things in lamens terms so thank you.

and yeah the intel wifi makes sense since i did have my laptop downstairs and the wifi card is intel

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