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computer froze during start up

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So I turn my laptop on like normal and computer gets to point where it says starting windows and freezes I had to hold down power button to turn it off and try turning it back on. The computer asks me if I want to run start up repair which I'm doing but I'm wondering what would cause this issue since iv changed nothing in the computer.

As I write this on my phone the start up repair says its attempting repairs. But even if it finds nothing is their anything elsei should do to check the computer?

so the repair couldnt do anything and this is waht it told me in the repair log and im also atataching a picture of the end result too:









Sig[0].Name=Problem Signature 01


Sig[1].Name=Problem Signature 02


Sig[2].Name=Problem Signature 03


Sig[3].Name=Problem Signature 04


Sig[4].Name=Problem Signature 05


Sig[5].Name=Problem Signature 06


Sig[6].Name=Problem Signature 07


Sig[7].Name=Problem Signature 08


DynamicSig[1].Name=OS Version


DynamicSig[2].Name=Locale ID


UI[3]=Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically

UI[4]=Sending more information can help Microsoft create solutions.

UI[5]=Send information about this problem (recommended)

UI[7]=Don't send



AppName=Windows Diagnosis and Recovery


IM also curious if this could be the result of how cold my room is

also of note when the computer did turn back on the clock was wrong by an hour it was ahead an hour and i dont know why

i also cant get the computer to do acheck disk i tell it to and it asks me to schedual for reboot which ido and then i reboot and all it does is cancel the check dix and i cant seem to get it to go thru with the scan


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the computer takes exactly 1 minute to start up from the time i push the power button and it locked up at the words starting up windows (the movie dots that fold out into the windows live just sat their on windows logo and didnt do anything where kinda blurry instead of clear ) and the harddrive light was on but it was solid i waited roughtly 30 to40 seconds for it to move on and it didnt.

just stayed the same.

now that being said the computer has been sitting in a really cold room due to the A/C in the room but still its never froze on boot up before.

that reminds me i did call tech support for dell who made the laptop and they had me run a diagnostic of the computers hardware from the bios the test came up clean but they want to run further tests in a half hour when their systems are completely up and running.

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An air conditioned room does NOT get that cold!

so you have told me and i believe you but its the only change to the room that i can think of because nothing has changed on the computer at all and all scans show up as clean.

eithrway im not sure whats causing the issue but computer seems normal right now (not using it but it was working normally well i was talking to tech support)

just waiting for a callfrom tech support for further testing to be done. and the room is about 10 degrees with the ac on hence why i asked

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For all I know the PC was not locked up. It installed a Windows HotFix and was processing it on reboot and you were too impatient to wait it out.

If you put a glass of water in the room and it does not turn to ice, the room is not too cold!

At most an air conditioner will bring a room down to 60 Deg. F and that is only 10 Deg, F below "room temperature". Well within the normal operating environmental conditions.

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ah alright and their was no windows hotfix or at least that it mentioned but i hope your correct. (i know im probly just being super paranoid and i apologize eitherway )

but the computer did freeze the computer only takes literally a minute to boot up ( i timed it with a stop watch) and even when it installs windows updates and hotfix it only takes another 20 seconds or so and i waited at least 40 before i did anything.

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alright and i guess looking back 60 seconds is arather short time guess iv been spoiled with how fast this machine is and i have the log here for how long it took to boot up from off to ready to use (meaning i could access the internet and what ever else ) and the time it took was 1 minute 6 seconds and 54 nano seconds.

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yeah i doubt it my self i dont get how that would cause the issue but either way the bios was out of date.

aparently it was out of date by 2 updates.

they ran bench marking tests on the computer for hte cpu temp and graphics card and it was well with in normal computer wasnt coming close to over heating he said.

and all the hardware turns out.

so im sure you was correct it was a windows update or hotfix which reminds me i was just going thru the event viewer with tech support and i noticed a process running about windows validation not long before i had turn the computer off (it had finished running minutes before i turned computer off ) im wondering if it could have had a component to it that required the computer to be turned on to finish and if that was the cause of the "freeze"

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