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Is my laptop finally clean?

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First off I will appoligise for my lack of technical language haha! Also if you respond please be very clear and specific with your answer :)

I'll start from the begining. 4 days ago I started getting notifications from my security program (MSE) that it was quarintining things and saying not to worry as the threat was being cleaned/dealt with. I didn't think much of this until Firefox kept running in safemode and it started not opening. I did a full system scan with MSE and it found a few trojans/ramnit. I cleaned the laptop and reset it but the notifications from MSE kept appearing, I did scan after scan but it didn't seem to be working. That is until 2 days ago when after scanning I removed what seemed to be only one ramnit that was detected. I reset my computer and voila! No more notifications and MSE wasn't detecting anything. I thought I should use a second program just to make sure. I downloaded Malwarebytes and did a full scan, it picked up a few things that MSE had already quaritntined that I knew about - nothing serious. No trojans or ramnit were detected. I was relieved and thought that it was all over and I had got away safely. I have done 2 or 3 more scans with Malware Bytes and all have comeback clean however I know that ramnit are very dangerous and severe things and had heard that they were incurable. So this is why I took to this forum, I just want to make sure my laptop is completely safe and clean as I do a lot of online shopping etc. on it and have a huge music collection.

If someone could help me out I wouldn't be able to thank you enough!

Regards, Joca

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