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The Higgs Boson particle exists!


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In a discovery that throws light on the very fabric of space and time, a new subatomic particle has been found that is consistent with the long-sought-after Higgs boson.

Making one of the most anticipated announcements in modern science tonight, researchers using the world's biggest atom smasher near Geneva announced they had observed the new particle in collisions in the giant instrument.

"We have reached a milestone in our understanding of nature," Rolf Heuer, director general of CERN" said.

More studies, however, will be needed to pin down the exact nature of the boson, which is the most massive ever seen, scientist said.


Researchers using two huge detectors at the Large Hadron Collider announced the results of their searches at a joint scientific seminar in Geneva and Melbourne, where the International Conference on High Energy Physics is being held.

The two teams had been blinded to each other's data, to avoid influencing their independent analyses.

They each found strong evidence for the existence of a particle with a mass of 125-126 gigaelectronvolts – about 130 times the mass of a proton.

Read more: Confirmed: the Higgs boson does exist

This is exciting news in the world of physics! We now have a better understanding about the very nature of everything. This is a pretty surprising breakthrough and I predict that we will, at some point, be able to discover or even build a lot with this knowledge in hand.

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Yes they are quite excited but not sure if that information will actually translate into any direct useful information to be applied to current science and medicine fields or not. I suppose in time we'll see.

I agree. I think that any advancements made through knowledge of Higgs Boson might not influence technology until much later, but in theoretical and experimental physics it is likely to reveal more information that should translate into direct benefits for the general public.

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