Product Key good for how many computers

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I have 3 computers

a laptop for everyday use

home computer for everyday use

and soon to be a computer for only downloading torrents files

Is my key good for all 3

don't wanna get blacklisted...

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Hi, RobertJ:

Consumer licenses are "lifetime" but are only valid for use on 1 computer per license at a time.

(It can be "transferred" to a new computer or reused on the same computer, if you ever need to reinstall MBAM.)

So, you'll need 3 licenses for 3 computers.

There is a discount if you purchase more than 1 license at a time.


One other tip (from the "been there, done that" school): if you do buy more than 1, I'd make a note of which license is used on which computer.

That way, if you do ever have to re-install/re-register, you won't end up in a jam trying to re-use an ID/key that's already in use on one of your other rigs.



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