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Why do I do this to myself

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Hi, RobertJ:

Sounds as if you have picked up at least adware, if not malicious infections.

Use of torrents and other P2P is a sure-fire way to get infected, as you stated in your post:

Risks of File-Sharing Technology.

P2P file sharing: Know the risks

BTW I'm just a home user (not a geek or malware expert), but I'm not sure having 1 computer just for torrents will necessarily prevent the spread of malware from one computer to another, especially if you share files or network the computers. <Just a thought>

If you need help with malware removal, please print out, read and carefully follow the instructions in the "I'm Infected - What Do I Do Now?" article. Then please start a new post in the Malware Removal Forum. An authorized, trained malware expert will provide free, one-on-one assistance as soon as one becomes available.

NOTE: You'll need to uninstall any P2P software first, as their use violates the MBAM Piracy Policy



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Bottom line, you know your doing it to yourself, so you must stop in the illegal downloading of movies, music and use of programs that allow you to download such illegal stuff.

Only stopping such a practice can you avoid this happening over and over. I recommend you uninstall all P2P software, including Vuse and the such before seeking for help in the HJT forum and no one there will help you due to our policy here at the Malwarebytes forum against piracy, as daledoc1 has already stated that their use violates the MBAM Piracy Policy.

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What exactly is the purpose of you posting this? All you're doing is saying that you are the problem and won't fix it, but blame others for your problem like Malwarebytes' by saying they should download from torrent sites to increase their protection. Do you get a thrill out of creating a problem? If you are trying to ask for help then I'd suggest going about it differently as you won't get much help by attacking others like this.

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