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DB update, changes only?

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The changelog for v1.62 lists among others:

- New advanced program updater improves upgrade speed and reduces needed bandwidth

- Streamlined and optimized database update module

But still each time at updating the entire database (about six and half megabytes as of now) is transferred.

I am abroad currently and bandwith is scarce here.

I installed MBAM 1.61 and then it updated the DB (6MB download), found a new version of MBAM, downloaded it (10MB), then after updating the program, another DB update (6MB again) was downloaded. And later in the day again 6 MB of DB was downloaded as an update.

These are a lot of downloads. Can you please consider downloading only changes in the DB? It would be a great time (and money) saver for many users.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi, xerces8: :)


MBAM already offers incremental updates (IOW "changes only" :) ), but this feature is only available in the PRO (paid) version.

However, if one goes for several days without updating, even with the PRO version, the next database update will be the entire database.

Having said that, I think there have been some other improvements to the updater, "under the hood", with the most recent version (1.62).

For example, it will no longer be necessary to update the database both before and after a PROGRAM update - I think this also applies to the Free version. That will save some bandwidth. :)


I'm sure one of the MBAM staff will be able to elaborate and explain this a bit further.



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