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invalid ID and Key Code after update

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Malwarebytes Pro recently updated to new program version on my family computer. After the update, it said the ID and Key Code were invalid and reverted to a trial installation. I launched a trouble ticket here and was issued a new ID and Key Code as if I made a new purchase. I entered the new info and Malwarebytes Reactivated - - - for now.

I have a computer business that does consulting, design, and repair. I have over a hundred customers who bought Malwarebytes Pro on my recommendation, and I installed and configured it for them. I wonder how many of them have this same problem and do not even know it. :( Most of them would not know how to request a new ID and Key Code or how to reactive their installation. Does anyone know how often this is happening or how to prevent it?


I am not a Malwarebytes reseller. I applied a couple of years ago and, after over a month wait, was told that my account could only be "provisionally approved" though that status was never explained to me except that my purchase price would be more than I was paying other resellers.

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Hello Merit

I already replied to your query about this in a private message you sent me. More than likely someone used a key generator that was able to duplicate your registration (quite rare) and was black listed. I have been with Malwarebytes now longer than most and this is only the second time I've seen this myself.

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