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Buying Malwarebytes Pro now and buying a new PC in a week

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Should I wait? The new one will have Macaffee which I don't like, I'm getting a Dell XPS 8500 fast track with

8GB DDR3 SDRAM AT 1600MHZ-2x4GB I currently have Norton on my old PC and if anyone can recommend a better one I would probably get it, which leads to the next question, which is, will this new PC run an AntiVirus App and Malwarebytes Pro simultaneously without any degradation response time. This is a lot to ask but I hope someone knowledgeable will take the time to help out a newbie.

Many thanks,


P.S. If I install Malwarebytes on my old PC now will I be allowed to put it on my new PC next week.

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There's no need to wait until you get the new computer if you've decided to purchase Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro. You can activate the Pro version on your current computer for this week, and then once you get your new computer, you can simply fully uninstall Malwarebytes Pro from your old computer using this tool and then activate the Pro version on your new computer. Just make sure to save your license key so you don't lose it after uninstalling! :)

To answer your question about antiviruses, there are plenty of good options out there, and you'll receive several different opinions here on this forum. My personal favorites are ESET NOD32, avast!, and Microsoft Security Essentials. All have little to no compatibility issues with Malwarebytes and are excellent products.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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There actually is currently an issue with ESET and USB external drives right now that we hope to resolve as soon as possible but do not have a set date for that.

Difficult to say 100% though about response times with different AV products.

I've run Kaspersky, McAfee, and Norton Internet Security for a while doing testing for various settings and documentation. I found that most of the time response time was not affected too much but was noticeable by both Kaspersky and McAfee when trying to multitask and complete downloads and move files, etc in a rapid manner. Kaspersky and McAfee both seemed to scan and hold the file from being moved that was noticeable at times. Did not notice the same from Norton Internet Security but it is possible that I was simply not doing the exact same work. I was not trying to document anything like that so I didn't setup any rigid requirements to test that.

I do run Norton IS 2011 and now 2012 on my wife's computer with Malwarebytes and in 2 years she has not gotten infected and she has hit links on sites and email that have all been blocked or prevented by either Norton or Malwarebytes.

Once the computer is infected though, depending on what the infection is, Kaspersky Anti-Virus in other testing of infections such as Sality and Virut was the only Anti-Virus that was able to stop it and remove it in my testing. I would still recommend a computer rebuild though if you were hit with one of those type of file infectors.

Most of the big AV players are pretty good though and each has features that others don't so part of the decision still boils down to user preferences.

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Thank you Strenalis and AdvancedBackup for replying to me and I apologize for not getting back sooner had a minor health issue at home today.

When I first posted I did not tell the whole story as I thought no one will reply if I made it to complicated. Here is "THE REST OF THE STORY"

Last Mon 16 Jul PC very slow and no internet. Was suggested try Malwarebytes did so, FOUND and CURED Addware.zano, Malware.trace PUM

PUM.Disable.Security.Center. As of today I have no connestion After reboot. I have set the restore file to 0 and turned off restore. In order to get back on the Internet I have found that changing the network connections in the Netbios will get me back up but still running very very slowly.

I have given up on this machine and am getting a new one. Will have it the 26th. Now I am extremly concerned that I start off on the right foot with this machine. I am definitely getting Malwarebytes PRO but hesitate to put it on my current PC as I can not trust it. I am running Norton free from Comcast. That is DEFINITELY NOT going on the new PC. I have NO respect for Comcast support. I sent NORTON an inquiry as I did MalwareBytes about the advisability/capabality of installing on old and then importing to new but never received a reply from them, so I care not for them either. To sum up I want to be as protected as I can be from the get go on the 26th an I want to know the best way to do that, I also want to run Malwarebytes and some Antivirius App simultaniously without slowing down. I have 16GB SDRAM and a 3.6 with turbo to 3.9 processor although if the turbo works like it does on my car we can discount that. Again thank you for helping.


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Microsoft offers a free Anti-Virus product named Security Essentials.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free* and designed to be simple to install and easy to use. It runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don't have to worry about interruptions or making updates.


Please see the following FAQ link on setting exclusions for Microsoft Security Essentials in Malwarebytes Pro


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