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Less fingerprints in 1.62

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Hi, I don't know if this has been happening to any of you guys but I just noticed something that caught my eye. I had somewhere around 34,000+ fingerprints in v1.61 and now I have 30,5487, as I write this, this is the latest version. Is this normal? Also, the updates lag for about 3 secs before it shows that the database is being updated, then it zips by and updates in like half a second. The lag might just be my anti-virus, Avira Antivirus Premium. I haven't set any exclusions as I use Malwarebytes Anti-malware Free. I look forward to reading your answers. Thanks.

P.S: When I heard that v1.62 came out, being the impatient person I am, I uninstalled v1.61 and ran the clean-up tool at bleepingcomputer. Then I downloaded Malwarebytes from bleepingcomputer only to find that it was v1.61 again! They hadn't updated their version on the site. But just as it finished downloading, the program auto-updated to v1.62. The weird thing is that I had to run the set-up again after it updated to v1.62. I guess this is normal because technically I was downloading the program again. Did I do it right, or do I have to run M.B.A.M clean and download v1.62 again directly? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello and :welcome:

There was a database optimization done on 7/18/2012 and that is most likely the reason for the lower numbers..... You can read about it => HERE

As for installing the new version. You can just upgrade using the Update option within the installer and install over the old version, no need to uninstall first.

Or you can also download a new copy from => HERE, also no need to uninstall or use the mbam-clean tool.

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