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tab suggestion for malwarebyes

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So I was thinking why not add another tab into the malwarebyes program (or put it into the about tab). With a link to the forums directly with the link leading to the malware removel section. (Maybe have the link or tab say having troubles removing some malware why not try here ( and the words here being clickble ).

I figure it might help people get the help they need to clean their computer. Or you could even add it to the results page/wordpad that pops up at end of a scan.

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Hi there

Here's a tab suggestion,

wouldn't it be nice to have a tab at the top of the remove virus section to click all the items in one go, Instead of clicking one by one.

It would belike the same as in your email list.

It's only a suggestion because on a laptop I had the other day it had shed loads of virus's, To remove I had to click each one at a time.

done my nut in.lol

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Greetings logbuster and welcome :)

That too is a good idea, however do keep in mind that by default, all actual infections are checked by default. I suspect that the other items you had to check manually were all PUP or Potentially Unwanted Programs. You may change the setting for these in the Settings tab under Scanner Settings. Simply use the drop-down menu for PUP's to select Show in results list and check for removal instead of Show in results list and do not check for removal (which is the default).

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