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why does Malwarebytes make Google my home page?

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This has happened before, after running a quick scan...I lose my home page to Google.

But today I noticed the actual wording in my Malwarebytes report:

Registry Data Items Detected: 1

HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main|Start Page (Hijack.Homepage) -> Bad: (and here it has the correct link to my home page which is a personal webpage) Good: (http://www.Google.com/) -> Quarantined and repaired successfully.

Does Google own Malwarebytes?

This is not a big problem, because I just put my own page back as my home page, but it seems weird, and I wondered if it's just my computer. (an XP, fairly old).


Granny L

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Greetings and welcome :)

When a homepage hijack leading to a webpage associated with malware or associated as being set by malware is detected, we simply reset the homepage and use Google as our baseline default. This isn't because we have any association with Google whatsoever, as we do not, however Google is a fairly commonly used and known legitimate home/search page and that's why we chose it.

If you wish to keep your homepage as it is, then I would suggest changing it back, performing a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, clicking on the Show Results button at the end of the scan, then clicking once on the detected item and using the Ignore button.

Doing the above will make it so that your homepage setting is no longer detected by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

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Thanks so much for your help...I'll do that next time.

You made me wonder why my home page could be seen as possible malware...

it's a page I have on Web.com and there are no ads.

THEN I looked closely, and realized that I was using an old URL....Webs used

to be FreeWebs, and while the old URL works, it's not what I should be using.

Malwarebytes is obviously pretty smart, and knew that something was a bit off!


Granny L

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