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Questions About Partner Programs

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My company is considering applying to be a Malwarebytes partner. Unfortunately, the information regarding the programs in the Partner Resource Center is pretty thin. I would really like to see more information regarding the two partnership options and how the two options work so that I can make an informed decision as to which option would be best for our organization. I would like to know how the purchases are made for each option, how license renewal works, how deal protection (if any) works on both new purchases as well as license renewals, how does the discount program work for both options ( is it a straight 30% discount, does the discount start lower and then ramp up towards 30% based on volume of sales? ), does Malwarebytes provide partners with a support website that allows for customer / license tracking to help keep tabs on which licenses will expire for which clients and when those expirations are, etc.

If anyone can point me to a part of the Malwarebytes website that holds the answers to these types of questions, I would greatly appreciate it. If there is a phone number I could call to speak to someone regarding these questions that would be even better.

Thank you in advance for the help!

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The biggest thing to know is that approved affiliates only advertise our product on their site and are paid for every sale. This is only for our home product, which is a lifetime license. For this option you are given links tied to your affiliate ID that you get once approved. Every sale, you get paid!

Resellers buy in bulk up front at a discount and then sell to other organizations, educational institutions, etc. These are typically our corporate licenses which renew every year. You will have an interface to login to and see all your reseller sales, when they are expiring, etc. So you will be a part of that sale every year when it renews.

Affiliates must have a certain amount of site traffic on their websites to qualify. Resellers must have a registered business and buy a certain amount to qualify. Smaller resellers can also work directly through our partner, DSolution.

Either option is set at 30%.

Let me know if any other questions and feel free to PM me as well. Glad to help!

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