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Malware removal training schools

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It all depends on the teachers and your learning abilities. If for some reason you don't like the one you are at you could see about transferring to another. I'd recommend signing up for one and if you get accepted see how well you like it and if you feel the need to find out from a staff member on transferring to another one. :)

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Speaking of schools and which one to pick, lets say you go to the one at Bleeping Computers, are you expected after you graduate to help out on their forum as well or can you get the training and then just come back and help here only?

I didn't realize you were asking me this. Yes I'm pretty sure they want you to help there. When I went to GeekstoGo that was expected since it's the least you can do for all the hard work they put in to train you. Even if Bleeping Computer doesn't require it, it's always a good idea to give back to the community. :)

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I got the same from G2G (work on our forums) but I pulled out prior to the finish of my schooling there (personality clashes)

You were expected to finish school and then work at their malware removal for a while, but they always said it is required to be sure that you have fully completed all of the course, and they can watch that you can apply the methods correctly.

It also gave you backup if you were never 100% sure of a problem so Elise and others can assist you.(She teaches there also)

When you look at it that way it makes a bit of sense that you not only give a bit back, but you are "OK in the field" -

SpywareInfo Forum has places at the moment, as I also visit there at times and was asked to join -

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