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MS Security Essentials Freezing

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Running Windows Vista 64x

I have correctly excluded each programs process and files as described in both OEM's faq/help sections.

Could not locate the Windows/System32/drivers/mbam.sys and Windows/System32/drivers/mbamswissarmy.sys as suggested by other forums. Clarification: the files are there, but the MSSE browse function does not see them.

I have also excluded the MBAM mbampt.exe in MSSE. Not suggested, but an attempt to resolve the issue.

I know that the MSSE freezing issue is somehow related to MBAM. When MBAM is uninstalled, MSSE scans fine.

Any help is appreciated!

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Thanks DSK, but it is not the OS that is freezing. It is only the MSSE scan. And it freezes randomly. SOmetimes after a few seconds, sometimes after a short time. And not while scanning the same files.

The post referred is relative to the OS freezing, no?

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Per the link given in the post by DarkSnakeKobra:

If you are already experiencing the freezing issue: Restart your computer in Safe Mode (instructions at this link), uninstall Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and restart your computer normally.

Once you've started back into normal mode, reinstall Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, but do not enable the protection module yet.

Did you try this and then proceed with setting the exclusions and finally enabling the protection module? Note: this assumes you are running MBAM Pro, since it is the only version that runs in real time.

Also no mention is made in the MS Essential exclusion write up about excluding mbam.sys. The only ones mentioned are the the files in MalwareBytes Anti-Malware folder,C:\Program Files(x86); mbam, mbamgui, and mbamservice.

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The company I worked for used McAfee Corporate with its policy manager and there would be one or more 30 second timeouts when booting up as both McAfee and Essentials (defender ?) were scanning the same partitions and files at the same time. McAfee forum corp support advised to disable Windows Defender to prevent this from happening and there was a walk thru on how to disable defender at their forum. Not sure if this applies here, but I thought I would mention that one option is to uninstall essentials.

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If you have both McAfee and MSE installed then you need to remove one or the other. Only run one Antivirus software at a time, and one antimalware program such as Malwarebytes.

Together your antivirus software (only one) and Malwarebytes Pro will help prevent you from getting infected.

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