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Malwarebytes is simply the best!

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I work in IT at a small university with about 2500 workstations. This past month I have been amazed what Malwarebytes is able to remove. We recently upgraded our workstations to Trendmicro 8 and it fails miserably. It seems Trend is good to point out where the virus is, but cannot remove it unlike Malwarebytes.

Our users are not very pc savvy and this gave me a good setting to test Malwarebytes, and I wasn't disappointed. Faculty/staff have called numerous times infected with Antivirus 360, that Defender antivirus one( can't remember the name), rootkits, all kinds of nasty stuff, and Malwarebytes has removed it! I can't praise you enough for this amazing program!!11

I'm currently in talks with the CIO to get Malwarebytes added to our workstations asap!

Now mind you, we have had to fool some of the nasty stuff floating around out there. You may have to rename the executable before you install, and even after that you may have to create a folder to install it in and rename the .exe in there before it can run and update. You will need to let it run if you can't update right away and let it remove some stuff before you can get out to update.

So in conclusion...I just wanted to stop by and say keep it up because this IS the best anti-malware program out there. Adware, Spybot (yes, we used to run both of these), can't touch what your program is capable of.

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Just wanted to add that I'm currently trying to get the CIO to approve corporate licensing. Not to add to our machines for free.

Just wanted to clarify that. :)

We always appreciate that. Especially since the license agreement doesn't allow for free corporate usage.

Anyway, you can let them know that we have some good volume discounts, so they won't have to pay the full $25 for each license. For a quote you can e-mail corporate <at> malwarebytes <dot> org :)

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