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Windows 7 restarting part-way through Scan...

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Hello and welcome to MBAM forum, amzolt: :)

I'm not sure about why you're not getting a log (perhaps it's something in your MBAM settings, or perhaps your computer is going to sleep or into hibernation????).

However, just as an FYI, there's really no need to run a Full scan on a regular basis. :)

Alongside your robust, real-time, current anti-virus protection, the MBAM Quick scan is more than sufficient, except under certain, specific circumstances:

...we always recommend the Quick Scan over the Full Scan as it is quite comprehensive and is designed to look in every location where infections are known to hide. http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=565867

Basically, a quick scan searches in all areas that malware likes to hide. Also, if you run a full scan, some malware has a chance to change itself, so the longer the scan, the longer the malware (if you have this type of malware) has to change.

A full scan will scan everything, and the only thing that a full scan will find that a quick scan will not detect are already-dead traces of infections that are gone, and items in the system restore area. Items in the system restore area cannot harm your machine unless you use an infected restore point.

HTH until someone more expert can help with your missing logs - I suspect it might relate to your system's power management settings and/or MBAM's settings (e.g. to reboot computer after threats are removed),


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