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"Malicious process attempting to start"

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I recently updaated MBAM to the latest version, ( and am running it under

Win 7 SP1 x64.

Since that update, I have been seeing alerts launched telling me that a "malicious process

is attempting to start", and that MBAM has blocked it. This happens, on average, once

or twice per 6 to 8 hour operating session, at seemingly random intervals and times.

This is a known good file that has resided in a temporary directory on my machine for

quite some time. However, MBAM appears to classify it as "riskware".

I don't see any way that this file could possibly be launching without my intervention.

It is certainly not a startup item, does not appear in MSConfig or HijackThis, nor does it

appear in task manager as a process or service. In addition, there is absolutely no

reference to this file in the system registry.

As such, I'm a little puzzled about why this is happening. Although it seems doubtful,

I'm wondering if this is a product of Windows 7's virtualization technolgy.

In any case, what I generally do is click on "ignore" to dismiss the alert. For the remainder

of the operating session, I no longer receive the alert.

On the off-chance of a rootkit being present, I scanned my system with the latest

Kaspersky TDSSKiller, but that produced nothing.

Any ideas?



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Hello and Welcome -

If you think this is a False Positive, please read, and follow This Topic and report it to the research team.

They will clear the problem or report back with their findings -

Thank You -

Hi. Thanks for responding.

I'm not sure that I'd categorize this as a false positive, and that's why I've posted here,

and not in the other forum. MBAM classifies the file as riskware, and I understand why

and I don't have a problem with it. What puzzles me is why MBAM is telling me that the

file is launching. As such, this issue appears to fall in a grey area between a bug and

a false positive. In any case, I think i'll run MBAM in developer mode and post in the

other forum as well.

Again, thanks.

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