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Malwarebytes old bugs...when this will be fixed please?

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Hello.I wish to ask MBAM team when you will fix a old bugs of this program like a program froze on full scan sometimes,or website blocking is turning off alone in tray meny...When i click turn on nothing happends! I activate when he wish..Also password protection is still not fixed,in tray menu it still can be disabled all.I have Win7 64 bit,6 GB ram and Core i5 2500K so performance is not a problem.I use also Avira Premiun 2012 i had excluded all processes in both programs..When i start esclude Avira inside MBAM everytime the Web shield in tray menu stop working,its very strange..Please fix this in some new versions..You are best,continue good work.Greetings from Serbia

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Greetings :)

The issue with website blocking has to do with the API's we're using in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is not technically a bug, just an undesirable behavior, one that cannot be fixed unless we completely rewrote how the website blocking component works, something we do plan to do, but it is going to take time and I do not have an estimate on when that will happen.

Any time you perform a database update, add or remove anything to or from the ignore list or disable website blocking, this issue will occur. It usually takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete the refresh process, at which point the website blocking component will be enabled again automatically.

For now, all you need to do is wait for the CPU usage in svchost.exe to calm down, then the tray menu will be usable again.

Full scans freezing is not a bug either and is typically an indicator of a corrupt file, corrupt sector on the hard drive, rootkit infection or possibly a hardware failure.

I hope that helps to address your concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any additional feedback.

Thanks :)

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