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What tools would make up a good combination for overall protection?

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We just had SMART HDD and finally after days of scanning and much stress, believe we have cleaned up. It was real bad.

My question is: Now that we have Kaspersky Pure 2.0 installed and running, what other tools would make up a good combination for overall protection? I was thinking maybe the following conbination:

Kaspersky Pure 2.0



Do you know if these three are compatible with each other or will they conflict?

Also, what about browser adware blocker for Chrome and/or Firefox?

What about firewall, backdoor port openings/vulnerabilites, intrusion detection/protection (i.e. netstat showing unknown IP with a socket connection), etc.?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi, nv87654:

You will get 101 opinions from 100 members on this topic (which, btw, doesn't really belong in this section of the forum, so a mod will likely move it. :) )

Kaspersky Pure 2.0 includes a firewall (and just about every other security feature, including the kitchen sink :) ): http://usa.kaspersky...-security/pure.

You might want to look at all the features to see if you really need all those bells and whistles: http://usa.kaspersky.../help-me-choose

Many of us here run KIS with MBAM PRO (real time protection), so I assume Pure would also be fine. It should be a VERY robust combination.

IMHO as a home user, SAS is probably best only for (non-malicious) tracking cookies -- I don't think it's as robust as MBAM these days. I only use the Free version and scan ~daily.

(If you run into performance issues with this combo, the first troubleshooting step the KL folks will insist you do will be to uninstall MBAM and SAS. That's pretty typical for the major AVs these days.)

When it comes to computer security, "more is less" -- IOW running too many programs (especially in real-time) actually makes your computer LESS secure, rather than more so.



PS Is this the same computer for which you have an open topic in the malware removal section >>HERE<< ?? If so, it would be advisable to get the "all clean" from your helper before you try to install an AV or other security programs -- many of the AVs will error-out if one tries to install them on an infected system.

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