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PUP.PSWTool.ProductKey? Is this malware?


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I ran a scan of my computer with Norton and it found nothing. I had a feeling something was up because my computer mysteriously got really slow after searching for info on random websites. I scaned with Malwarebytes and it found PUP.PSWTool.ProductKey in C:\System Volume Information.

I clicked to remove it and the program put the file in quarantine. I am wondering if this is a real virus or if it's a false positive. Should I delete it from the quarantine or just leave it there? Does anyone know what this file does?

Thanks very much in advance!

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I guess I should also add that while I was on a website, a little Java window popped up on my bottom toolbar saying something about updating or....I don't know really. I had never seen something like that before and honestly have never even noticed the Java icon down there, so I just closed Firefox immediately. I don't know if that has anything to do with it...but that's one of the reasons why I decided to scan tonight and found this.

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PUP.PSWTool.ProductKey mean it detected a tool most likely used to obtain the windows product key. This is sometimes used by malware or used legitly that is why the pup detection which means Potentially unwanted program.

If you used this normally then its nothing to worry about. This was located in system restore folders so it was not actively live on the system. Did anyone or you work on the pc and needed to save the product key?

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Did anyone or you work on the pc and needed to save the product key?

I recently had my computer cleaned up at a repair place. They wiped everything and reinstalled Windows, but I never had to give them any product key. I also haven't used a product key myself...ever.

So if I do delete this program out of the quarantine, does that mean if I have to reinstall Windows again and don't have my product key written down somewhere, I'll be out of luck and have to buy a new one? Or is this an ok thing to just delete?

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