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Stolen.Data) + Text File


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User in support has a text file which is determined as (Stolen.Data). He did not provide a log but gave me contents:

I need Help:

#1. (redacted) please review the capacity of the AHU's particularly the Sensible capacity of the cooling coils to be sure it meets the required load. One of them I was having trouble with.

#2. Chilled water tank, I need to know if the system needs one, also I need to show air separator etc�

#3. HHW, same no tank.

#4. Size expansion tanks,

#5. Static pressure calcs for all the systems & verify

#6. Mech room exhaust completed.

#7. Building Roof plan.

#8. Verify VFD placement on AHU & pumps, is it required in mech spec or elect. - starters etc�

#9. Please Review the D/A for proper information in it, do I have too much in it, to little, bad order, right order, missing calc ETC. its my first complete DA. I tried to find go by's earlier but came up short.

#10. Review vestibule HVAC.

Things on my list:

Not necessarily problems.

Size hydronic piping in mechanical room

Review CHW and HHW coil details

Doghouse for AHU-3 piping

EF-7 roof exhaust hood

Verify wall construction where AHU-3 return air duct is at

Verify R/A & transfer duct from Storage room on NW corner.

Verify Boiler and chiller piping size.

Review Chiller & boiler detail.

Review VAV box detail.

Note coordinate with f-prot

Create Beam penetration detail from structural

Review courtyard diffusers and connections. (Redacted said it sucks last time)

Review comments:

Room numbers on all sheets

Fix splits to have dampers, delete splitter damper

Change chiller size

Use 30% Glycol

CHW storage tank

Dash equipment above

Show control panels

Label thermostats

Revise AHU-1 R/a

Revise AHU-1 outside air entry

Revise detail 4-m502

Condensate to roof drain

Delete detail

Provide suction diffusers on pumps.

Revise RTU schedule

Schedule expansion tanks

How are these files specifically detected for us to determine if they're good or bad?

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  • Staff
Without a file path there is no way to give much info .

Stolen.Data are static paths to files where known spyware stores stolen credentials .

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